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Aluminum vs. Wood

A variety of patio covers to meet most architectural and design needs. What makes these patio covers unique is that while they look like wood, they are not. These products are made out of our revolutionary material. This material has none of the drawbacks of that are inherent to wood. It does not get wood termites or other pests. Patio covers do not burn or dry rot But most importantly. It does not require constant maintenance such as yearly scraping and painting.

Variety of Styles

We have created over a dozen different styles of lattice & solid patio covers to accommodate most any desire. These styles actually allow you to blend and match to accommodate just the design you are looking for.

Variety of Colors

Patio covers come in a variety of colors. These colors match most house trim or walls. All paint is pre applied, baked enamel to ensure a long maintenance free life.

Privacy & Wind Screens

The design capability is endless. A privacy or wind screen can easily be designed into your patio cover or build elsewhere in you yard as a pool equipment enclosure, privacy patio for sun bathing or just about any other use you can think of, the sky is the limit.

Foam filled Post Covers

We have designed into support posts, special foam filled cover plate that prevents damage from occurring to the most exposed area of your patio cover.


Products to not only be of the highest quality, but also very economical. All patio covers are pre cut to size, meaning minimal or no scrap, plus less on site labor. The are pre-painted, eliminating both the mess of on site painting and the additional cost. There are, of course many other reasons, but possible the greatest is that we manufacture through our production line many patio covers everyday which greatly reduces the cost of making this product.


Compare Covers

AlumaWood Patio Covers


Regular Wood Patio Covers

Dry Rots
























Starts to Sag













Always NEW







Lifetime Cost

Fraction of Wood


Many Times More

Standard Engineering

ICBO (International Conference of Building Officials) approved patio covers. This building product approval agency scrutinizes all of our test and engineering data over a period of several months, to insure structural stability of our products when installed. This agency's approval is recognized in over two-third of the United States, making city permits an over the counter process and shortening completion time of your project

Matching Touch-Up and Caulking

We have spent special time and attention to the detail and finishing touches. This is best illustrated by our matching color joint sealer and touch-up paint. These finishing touches illustrate our interest in making every job excellent.

Baked Enamel Paint

Patio covers are painted before they are ever shipped from the factory with a high quality five stage baked enamel paint. This feature eliminates you having to repair or repaint you patio cover year in and year out. The the reduction to almost "zero" maintenance and the knowing your patio cover will look new for years to come.

Natural Wood grain Texture

Patio covers and lattice roof components are embossed to a perfect cedar wood grain that easily mistaken for wood, but with none of wood's inherent drawbacks.

UV Resistant End Caps

Only the highest quality raw materials, as illustrated by our lattice patio cover end caps. These specially formulated to resist the damaging ultraviolet rays and maintain their original color and strength.

Extruded Fascia with Gutter

Extruded T6 hardened fascia used for our Super 8 structural solid cover has built in, high volume gutters integrated into the fascia. This drains rain water to your desired location, plus the heavy duty extruded fascia adds 50% more structure that than the typical roll form perimeters giving you the structure assurance that your patio cover will endure all types of weather and time, giving you years of enjoyment.

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