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 The Del Mar
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The Corona Del Mar

The Del Mar has Double Rafters Suspended from Double Header Beams. Perfect for a Low attachment Height & gives the Best View because Header beams are on top.


The Corona Del Mar is a Combination
of Corona & Del Mar Models and is  Perfect if you need Two or more rafter attachment heights or to give an offset effect.

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The Corona


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 The Santa Fe

The Corona has Double Rafters setting on Double Headers & is excellent if you have a higher attachment height .


The Santa Fe has 3" By 8" Header Beam with 2" by 6 1/2" rafters and is the conventional looking of all the models. 


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 The Rancho Santa Fe


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Palm Springs
 The Rancho

The Rancho Santa Fe is a combination of a Solid Cover & a Lattice Cover and can be installed in Many Combinations


The Rancho is our solid cover with gutter & downspouts that has a 3" By 8" Header & 2 by 6 1/2" front fascia plus rafter tails.


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 The Brentwood


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Free Standing
(Available in All Models

The Brentwood has 3" By 8" Header Beam with 3" by 8" rafters spaced approx. every 4'.


Our free standing covers come in All Models, Styles & Colors and require footings. Attached covers do not.  

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